Supreme Court Orders Retrial of Best Bakery Case

April 12, 2004 | Comments Off on Supreme Court Orders Retrial of Best Bakery Case

The Supreme Court has ordered a retrial of the Best Bakery case, after 21 people were acquitting for murdering 12 Muslims during the pogroms against the Muslims in Gujarat in 2002:

It ruled the new trial must take place in neighbouring Maharashtra state and called for a fresh investigation…

The Supreme Court said the first court was “indifferent to the sacrilege being committed to justice”.

Zahira Sheikh’s father owned the Bakery and he was burned to death, with other members of her family.  Zahira had filed a petition after the dismissal of the Best Bakery case.  She stated that she had lied in court and turned hostile, because of threats from senior officials in the local organization of the BJP. 

The Court criticized the prosecutor (demanding his removal) and the Gujarat High Court:

“The public prosecutor appears to have acted more as a defence counsel than one whose duty was to present the truth before the court.

“The court in turn appeared to be a silent spectator, mute to the manipulations and preferred to be indifferent to the sacrilege being committed to justice.”

The Gujarat section of the blog contains news on this case, as well as other cases drawing from the pogroms.


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