A Closer Look at Other Gujarat Cases

April 15, 2004 | Comments Off on A Closer Look at Other Gujarat Cases

Jyotirmaya Sharma’s article in the Hindu takes a look at cases, besides the Best Bakery case, pending from the 2002 Gujarat massacre of Muslims.  Sharma discusses how about half of the 4,256 cases have ended with summary investigations:

In the case of summary reports, the Gujarat Government …dismisses allegations of intimidation and enticing of witnesses as something not “on record” and hence not worthy of investigation.

Another reason given in the affidavit for not registering and investigating cases, especially under Section 120-B of the Indian Penal Code, was that conspiracy to riot in many instances could not be established. This was so because the “communal backlash was marked by spontaneity in response to the gruesome incident of the Sabarmati Express at Godhra.”

Sharma concludes that these cases may also lack an opportunity for a free and fair trial in Gujarat. 

After the Supreme Court order in the Best Bakery case, five of the 21 accused complied with an order and presented themselves before police.  The police did not detain or arrest them, but allowed them to go home.


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