Justice Rajendra Babu has been appointed as India’s next chief justice.  Justice Babu and Justice Nanavati were responsible for commuting the death sentence of Kishori Lal, known as the “butcher of Trilokpuri” for his role in killing at least eight Sikh men during the pogroms against Sikhs in 1984.  Despite the evidence demonstrating the organized nature of the carnage, their opinion stated that the massacre was spontaneous, that Kishori Lal merely picked up a weapon that was “close by” (despite evidence of the systematic distribution of weapons), and that the mob’s collective fury mitigated Kishori Lal’s intent to kill.  They also excused his failure to respect the Indian Constitution, stating that in such moments, one could not expect mobs to abide by such high ideals.

The 1984 section of the blog has recent news relating to the Nanavati Commission and court cases drawing from the 1984 pogroms.


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