Gujarat Activist Questioned by CID; Best Bakery Prosecutor Still not Appointed

June 11, 2004 | Comments Off on Gujarat Activist Questioned by CID; Best Bakery Prosecutor Still not Appointed

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) questioned a prominent Gujarat activist, Father Cedric Prakash, for 90 minutes today, focusing on his visit to the jail housing POTA detainees–the accused in the Godhra carnage:

Police Inspector (CID Crime) J.G. Saiyed also inquired about Father Prakash’s visit to London in December 2003 where he allegedly made some inflammatory statements related to Gujarat riot victims.

The inquiry was initiated after the Home Department forwarded an e-mail, alleging that Prakash was involved in “anti-national” activities. Prakash told The Indian Express that Saiyed asked for his passport but did not press for it when his lawyer objected. Saiyed had questioned him first on April 26 after receiving an e-mail sent by Vishal Sharma to the Chief Minister’s Office. He was questioned again on June 8…

State DGP A.K. Bhargav said though he was unaware of this case, the police were within their rights to question any person ‘‘suspected of trying to create disharmony in society. We receive many such e-mails and the CID Crime branch conducts a routine inquiry into them.’’

A senior CID official stated that the inquiry was now closed.

In the Best Bakery case, the Gujarat and Maharashtra governments have yet to discuss the issue of the public prosecutor:

Instead, both still seem intent on appointing their own prosecutors.

The two states asked for time to appoint their respective public prosecutors. By evening, Gujarat had selected Atul Mehta. As for Maharashtra, it is scanning a list that includes Ujjwal Nikam, P. R. Vakil and Manjula Rao. A senior official said the Maharashtra government is clear that it wants a panel of lawyers to handle the case. The panel will be appointed after obtaining written consent from the victims and their counsel.

The lawyer representing witness Zahira Sheikh stated clearly that they would not accept a Gujarat appointee.


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