Medical report confirms torture

November 15, 2005 | Comments Off on Medical report confirms torture

A medical report released on November 7 has confirmed that Chandigarh police tortured Rakesh, a young man accused of theft.

A board of doctors set up by a local court recently to examine Rakesh had revealed that the youth had received injuries on several body parts which might take several days to heal.

Rakesh reported that police officers tortured him for almost a week in October after arresting him in connection with a theft case. When he refused to confess to a Rs 45,000 theft, he was beaten with wooden rods and leather belts, and threatened to not to make the torture public. He was later moved to a guest house and beaten before being dumped outside a home in Khudda Lahora village.

Lawyers of Human Rights International have written a letter to the local Inspector General of Police demanding punishment of the guilty police officers. Rakesh is still undergoing treatment.


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