Update in branding case

February 28, 2006 | Comments Off on Update in branding case

On February 24, the Punjab police registered a criminal case regarding the branding of Narinder Singh, a man under trial. Narinder Singh had alleged in court on February 21 that this jailers had branded him using hot metal.

Senior Superintendent of Police Amardeep Singh said that the deputy superintendent of police would conduct an inquiry into the allegation.

He said so far it was quite evident that Narinder Singh had been subjected to acts of cruelty. He said how the word “choora” was inscribed on his back was yet to be ascertained by the police.

Medical experts who examined Narinder Singh say that neither hot metal nor chemicals were used to brand the word “choora” onto his back. The superintendent of the jail denied the branding charges and claimed that Narinder and other inmates had branded the word onto his back using hot mustard oil. The judge has set the next hearing of the case for March 4.


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