NHRC update: 570 illegal cremation victims identified

April 19, 2006 | Comments Off on NHRC update: 570 illegal cremation victims identified

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Chairman AS Anand has announced that the Punjab government has identified 570 more victims of illegal cremation in the Punjab Mass Cremations case. The total number of identified people illegally cremated by the Punjab police is now 1,273.

824 bodies remain unidentified out of a total list of 2,097 victims. These victims draw from the original list submitted by the Central Bureau of Investigation, comprising police abductions leading to illegal cremations in three crematoria in Amrtisar district. Amritsar is one of 17 districts in Punjab.

In December 1996, the Supreme Court referred the matter of police abductions leading to disappearances and secret cremations in Punjab to the Commission, observing that the Central Bureau of Investigation’s (CBI) report disclosed “flagrant violations of human rights on a mass scale”. Read more about the Punjab mass cremations case proceeding before the Commission.


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