Next stop: Dhaka

July 18th, 2004 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

I’m off to the airport in a couple of hours, heading into the unknown.  Or Dhaka, whichever comes first.

This picture was taken by Robin at the Alliance Francaise in Durban, where the Ningizimu banners were being displayed prior to their travelling to Europe for an exhibition tour.  Those are truly unique pieces of art.

Sizwe & I (24 Jun 2004)


I have yet to get my South African pictures developed, but here are a couple of the pictures I got from other people’s cameras.  The first picture shows Sizwe and myself at the Ningizimu banner exhibition.  Sizwe, of course, is the South African youth I worked with on ThinkQuest all those years back, and the contacts from that experience are a major part of why I spent a month there this summer.  The second picture was taken outside a tribal courthouse in a rural area several hours away from Port Shepstone.

Taken outside a tribal courthouse in a rural area several hours away from Port Shepstone.  Almost everyone from Practical Ministries was there to attend an information-gathering visit to the Ngcosi (or tribal king).  It was an interesting experience, if necessarily very productive.

Outside the Tribal Court (22 Jun 2004)



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