Shortest turnaround yet

September 2nd, 2004 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Landed in Senai (dinkiest airport ever!) at about 9pm, got back home in Singapore at about 10.30pm, and I have to leave the house at 6.30am for my 8.30am flight to Hong Kong.  This has to be a new record.

Bangkok was just as amazing as I remembered.  I love MBK, I love Mr Pinky (my family tailor), I love Chatuchak, I love the Royal Palace (Em: I wonder what made them keep going after the first jewel-encrusted palace??), I loove Patpong (shopping and clubbing – what more could you want?), I love the Pathumwun Princess Hotel (awesome view, excellent gym).

Kuala Lumpur was far nicer than I remembered it, though our under 24hour stay in an excellent hotel with a picture perfect view of the Petronas Towers (I was kept awake by the view) may have skewed it somewhat.

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5 Responses to “Shortest turnaround yet”

  1. Lost in Bangkok Says:

    Agreed on all counts regarding Bangkok, great place to visit!

  2. Laurence Hyten Says:

    I Don

  3. Dianne McTavish Says:

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