Back to school

January 5th, 2005 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Life moves quickly in Singapore. My high school has changed principals.  Twice.  And the Junior College I went to now has a spanking new campus at Bishan.  It’s a mammoth place, almost overwhelming, and nothing like the very human-scaled Mt Sinai location.  But it’s beautifully done, and I hope Jenevieve will be very happy there, happier than Janine and I ever were.

RJC Bishan (2 Jan 2005)


My bags are unpacked, and the jetlag is pretty much done with, but I’m still not quite ready to be back in college.  Classes?  Finals?  Problems sets?  What?

But don’t worry, it’ll get done eventually.  It must.

Charles, Jos, Lynn and me at Elaine’s annual New Year’s Eve house party.

At the NYE party (1 Jan 2005)


I’ll snap out of the holiday mood soon enough.  I promise.

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