Vive le weekend!

April 9th, 2005 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Thank you God.


I made it through the unbelievable 36 hours. 


Opening scene: 2.30pm, Lamont Library.  The day’s been packed already, including missing classes to meet with Prof Altman.  I come out of HSA-12 section (during which I receive an awful midterm grade that could well have already sunk my performance in this class), and hit the ground running.  I race through Lamont, Widener and Cabot libraries getting the necessary books.  Over the next 3.5hours, I desperately write very long emails to AfA, Judith and Prof Bishop.


6pm: Hors d’oeuvres at Quincy, dinner at Winthrop.

6.30pm: Dress

6.45: Dins call.  We sing at the Quincy faculty dinner, which was fun


8pm-10.30pm: I work on the project proposal and budget.

10.30pm: Visit Adams to chat with Bryan, Lindsay and Alli.  Veggie Planet pizzas and Herrell’s ice cream!

11pm: HUCEP

12midnight-2.15am: I finish up the proposal, send it to Doug for proof-reading and start on the BS55 problem set

2.15am-2.55am: I finish up the pset

3am: Sign out from HUCEP with Margen and Alfinio

3.15am-3.30am: polishing up BS55 pset when the fire alarm goes off (??!)

3.30am-4am: Chat with various half-asleep Old Quincy residents in the rain, I have a slice of club wheat bread and a small cup of coffee

4am-6am: Ec 10 pset.  Ryan wakes up. I hop into the shower while he checks our Ec10 pset answers against each other.

6.50am-10am: Power nap


10.30am: I head to class having dressed and sent off another half dozen emails.

11am-12noon: I re-proof-read and edit my proposal, print everything out, send more emails, and write my Hist 1856 response paper.  I get a starbucks fairtrade blend latte – my only nutrition for the day.

12noon-4pm: Ec10 section followed by Hist 1856 followed by BS 55 section.  I stay amazingly awake.

4pm-5pm: I finish photocopying all the HCRP materials and walk to the SEO to turn the application in…  along with over six hundred other applicants.  (So hopeless.)  I head to CVS and buy lots of stuff on sale.  Mostly candy.

5pm: I pick up a bowl of pasta from the dining hall.

5.30pm-7.30pm: Nap

7.30-8pm: Wake up and dress for creative black tie opening of Carousel starring Evan as the lead.

8pm-11pm: Carousel at the Loeb mainstage and post-opening reception.

11pm-12midnight: I tidy my room.

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9 Responses to “Vive le weekend!”

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    and i thought my time in NUS was bad. your bermuda trip looked amazing… when will u be back in singapore?

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