Tuesday (or is it Thursday?), feels like last Wednesday.

April 26th, 2005 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Over the weekend I saw the cobbled-together “The Lives and Many Deaths of Mr Plumb” (endearingly enthusiastic) at the Loeb Ex, the ART’s production of Edward Bond’s “Olly’s Prison” (inpenetrably dramatic) at the very nice Zero Arrow Street space, and a student production of Sam Shepard’s “Seduced” (disturing and intense) in a decrepit hovel in the bowels of Adams.  I also watched “Secretary” (accessible avant garde) and “Closer” (conspicuously based on Patrick Marber’s play).

I still feel like I haven’t quite shaken the need for a fiction/theatre/art/vacation fix, but that will have to wait till after May, I guess.

I *must* pull myself together for these final weeks – three grade-breaking papers and a midterm left… along with a crop of problem sets, field trips and a lab report.  Then it will be time to press on through the final four exams.  It’s exhausting to even think about it all.

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