Are we there yet?

October 1st, 2005 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

It feels like it’s been a month since I last posted anything.

Oh, and did I mention…. ?  Yup.   That’s right.  Two of them.  Just like I always said I would.

The Dins held auditions this past week, which means that many of my good resolutions died simultaneously.  I had to stay up to 3am, 4am, 5am and then all night.  I skipped a class (to meet with an auditionee who eventually chose to join another group.  I ate lots of junk food I’ve not had in up to a year – oreos, pizza, hint of lime tostitos. 

The new Dins are a great lot, and that’s certainly something to be excited about.  At the same time, in many significant ways the group is either the same, or distinctly worse off as the year unfolds.  Oh well.  Next stop, world tour.  Well not quite the next stop, but we’ll get there before we know it.

I look forward to spending the next week getting back to good academic place, especially important in view of the looming concert rehearsals.

In other news, my classes for the semester have pretty much been decided:

Gov 1740: International Law (1)
Econ 1017: Libertarian Perspectives on Economic and Social Policy (2)
French 167: Parisian Cityscapes (3)
MR 22: Justice (4)
11.373: Science, Politics and the Environment (at MIT) (5)

(1) pro: I love the Professor’s lecture style; con: the reading is literally thicker than a stack of four large phone books
(2) pro: Engaging, engaged professor with interesting, radical views; con: I’m not sure I buy the conclusions of the analysis
(3) pro: Prof Conley’s urbane approach to understanding the urban environment; cons: actual work in a French class (*tremble*)
(4) pro: possibly one of the most famous and certainly the most popular Harvard classes (over a thousand students enrolled this semester!); cons: I have to read Mill and Kant, which I’m sure will give me headaches
(5) pro: one of the most fascinating discussion classes ever; con: holding my own against fifteen other Masters and PhD students.


Oh, and the people that matter either think my new hair is natural (eg “Jason, you stopped straightening your hair!”), or actually think it’s quite flattering.   Everyone else’s opinion I will simply discount as uninformed or uneducated until further notice.  *beams*



And if you haven’t guessed, I finally got my new desktop system up and running.  I am pleased thus far.

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One Response to “Are we there yet?”

  1. terence Says:

    haha, the “stopped straightening hair” part is quite amusing actually. i don’t think many asians (guys esp?) have un-straight hair actually.