Mid-week breather

October 5th, 2005 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

As I type this I can hear the fire alarm going off in a nearby building, probably Dewolfe.  That would make it the second time for Dewolfe in about a week, I think.  And today when I arrived at Sander’s with Ryan to attend the Justice lecture (early, for once!), we ended up having to stand outside for about five minutes because the fire alarm had been activated there too.

Wednesday is a great day for me, schedule-wise.  I have all of one class, from 11am-12noon.  Whee!

9.50am – Gets out of bed, writes various emails, feeds fluffies, dresses for class
11am-12noon – Justice lecture, which was extraordinarily engaging and thought-provoking
12noon-1.50pm – Stands in the sun outside Science Center discussing Justice related topics with Will (for whom I have a lot of esteem) – Libertarianism, property rights, paternalism, Nozick’s theory of self-possession
1.50pm-2.10pm – Post office errand
2.10pm-2.50pm – Eats lunch and reads a couple more pages of Nozick.  Also snoozes briefly.
3pm-5pm – Gives slightly-unfortunate campus tour (tries to convince school group of first generation immigrants from near Mexican border that Harvard is diverse and accepting while wearing Gucci visor, only meeting tall blond people like Chrix and walking past bunch of uber-preppy kids lawn bowling (?!?!) in the Yard; I suppose I should be slightly thankful it wasn’t a HRC croquet party.)
5-6pm – Leisurely dinner with Devon, Matt, Woj, Andrew and John
6pm-present – Reads, tidies, types blog

Essentially, not all my days are like Monday.  Oh, but Monday, Monday!!  Every Monday this semester will be like that.  Oh well.

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