Terse by necessity

January 22nd, 2006 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Lots of news, lots to say, lots to do.  No time.

Last three days of finals…  and I’m desperately trying to finish my Ec research paper, and study for Justice at the same time.

Good news: (a) got a good second paper grade for Justice.  Will post essay at some point.  (b) got extension for research paper till Jan 24.  Which explains why I’m still writing.

Less-good news: (a) mournfully unsatisfactory paper/final grade from MIT class.  Am saddened and rather shocked.  I thought she liked me/my work – she offered me a research assistant position! (b) overall grades (ie gpa) very mediocre and essentially unsalvageable.  Worse, my concentration gpa is considerably lower than my overall average. Grrrr.  (c) am scared for rest of final grades for this semester.  If there is no correlation between effort/ability and grades, then how am I going to do?  *anxious*  (d) not enough time to finish writing aforementioned research paper due on 24th.  (e) not enough time to study for final exam on morning of 24th.  Aaaah!

Am pretty communitarian.  Would like to type block quote from Sandel that really resonates with me, but must get back to studying.  Now.

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  1. köpa Priligy receptfritt Says:

    I searched in Google for mediocre and I found your blog 🙂 Great blog, Respect!