All done!

May 25th, 2006 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

I’m done!!  My junior year that is, academically anyway.  And since it’s also Ryan’s 21st birthday, in his honor I’ve had a couple flutefuls of that very lovely champagne I bought months ago.  (A Duval-Leroy Paris brut cuvée spéciale.)  Really delicious stuff 🙂

My Bilingual Arts final exam this afternoon went alright, especially considering that I only started studying this morning…  about two hours before the final itself.  And even then I kept falling asleep out of complacent lethargy.  I’m still optimistic for an A though…  if that missing response paper doesn’t hobble me.

More generally, I really hope none of my grades this semester reflect the fairly unconcerned attitude I had towards my classes by the end.  (My justification is that I’ve just gotten better at taking classes and performing well at lower levels of anxiety and effort.)  Overall I can’t tell yet.  The results are mixed:

– My history final paper received an A-, which was expected but disappointing (honestly it’s because the TF has decided he only likes me as much as an A-.  The paper itself could easily have merited an A).  With any luck I’ll make an A- on this class overall.  An A is simply out of the question now.

– My Postcolonial Narratives final paper (on Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children) received the A grade I expected, given that it is a pretty good paper.  Unsurprisingly, the TF affected a slightly reluctant tone in his evaluation (unsurprising, because I think he’s slightly intimidated, although he really shouldn’t be since he clearly has the upper hand in his field of comparative literature).

– My ESPP conservation biology junior seminar research paper was very well received.  BUT, the professor actually took 4 points off (?!) for my having turned the paper in two days late.  I know, I know, it’s well-deserved, and I really was just completely unconcerned and unmotivated (I wasn’t even that busy).  Still…!  Anyway, I hope this doesn’t mean I get dropped down by a third of a grade…  *worry*

– Environmental Economics…  what can I say?  The very small, and undeserved, stumble months ago during the very easy midterm has doomed me to the B+/A- range.  I pray that I make an A- overall.  I really cannot take another mediocre grade in a concentration class.

Ok, back to packing.  And maybe bed in a little while.

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