Denying reality

May 30th, 2006 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

I don’t want to face the fact that New Quincy 304 is no longer really my room.  So I’ve been squatting here, refusing to move out.  Even though everyone else in the suite moved out three days ago.  Even though the whole college moved out three days ago.  And I plan to continue squatting here until they physically force me out.  Which will probably be in about a week.

I’ve been busy catching up with all the little things that get neglected during the semester.  Like doing laundry, and keeping up with the two dozen magazine subscriptions I have 😉  I’ve taken a bunch of guilty-pleasure light fiction books out of the libraries (anyone want to guess at the titles?  They’re all pretty prominent ones).  And I’ve been slowly packing up my room.  Echoing what I told Ryan yesterday, I’ve thrown out about 8% of the trash that was left in the suite…  which means about 92% of the junk is still strewn across the 7 rooms.  Eeek.

I’ve also been working hard for my professor in an attempt to buffer my battered bank account from the impending onslaught of travelling for 11 weeks to 18 countries across four continents.

For people who want to know, here’s the rough itinerary for the Dins’ World Tour 2006, which begins in just over a week:

Dublin (6/10-6/13)
London (6/13-6/17)
Brussels (6/17-6/20)
Luxembourg (6/20-6/23)
Strasbourg (6/23-6/26)
Munich (6/26-6/29)
Zurich (6/29-7/1)
Athens (7/1-7/4)
Thessaloniki (7/4-7/5)
Rome (7/5-7/9)
Prague (7/9-7/12)
Shanghai (7/13–7/16)
Kyoto (7/17-7/22)
Tokyo (7/23–7/25)
Choshi City (7/26-7/27)
Thailand (7/28–7/30)
HK (7/31-8/4)
Singapore (8/5-8/8)
Jakarta (8/9-8/11)
Bali (8/12-8/15)
Australia (8/16-8/21)
San Francisco (8/21-24)

There will be concerts etc. at every stop, some (but not all) of them will be listed on the Dins website (, but email me if you want the most updated details.

I promise to try and keep this blog updated during the summer, but it’s probably going to be spotty, and pictures will probably have to wait till September.  We’ll see.

Ok, back to work.

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4 Responses to “Denying reality”

  1. terence Says:

    hello! must let me know about the details of your concert in sg ok. =)

  2. Lu-en Says:

    I’ll definitely go for your San Fran performance if I’m around. There’s a possibility that I’ll be going back to Singapore end of Aug… Good luck for your world tour! So exciting 🙂

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