Ganong Chocolate Museum (27 May 2006)

May 30th, 2006 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Ganong Chocolate Museum (27 May 2006)

Originally uploaded by J Y.

Good news: The Museum was not only open on a Saturday (unusual), it was having an “Open House”, which meant seemingly unlimited free trayfuls of virtually every product made by the Ganong chocolate and candy company for our sampling pleasure. There were also complimentary beverages, a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit for dipping, chocolate cake etc. Even though we had walked across the border into St Stephen, New Brunswick for the sole purpose of buying Ganong products at the boutique, Ryan and I ended up eating much more free chocolate than we bought in the store.

Bad news: Unknown to me, about 15 minutes before this picture was taken my cellphone had slipped out of my jacket onto the street outside. It would be days before I got it back eventually; I’m just thankful to get it back.

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