Classes, Spring 2007

February 8th, 2007 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

The final line-up is more or less decided. This will be the least number of classes (4), least number of weekly class hours (7.5) and least number of final exams (1) I’ve ever had. Additionally, I don’t have any classes on Monday or Friday. I know this all probably sounds really idyllic, but somehow I can’t quite shake the sense of strangeness – it feels peculiar to be taking so few classes, precisely during the last chance I have to take these classes as an undergraduate. It’s not really like me.

At the same time, I didn’t manage to find anything else that I really wanted to take. And more importantly, the thesis-writing is like taking 5 classes at the same time. Seriously, it feels like I’ve done more work over the past two months than I’ve ever had to do for all the classes I’ve taken in a single semester combined. Awful. I really pray I have something I’m proud of at the end of this process… which is looming. *nervous jitter*

Incidentally, this semester I’m only taking classes with professors I’ve had before, so they’re all-stars in my book 🙂 Here’s the list:

ESPP 90j: Environmental Crises and Population Flight. With the distinguished Prof L, from my wonderful freshman seminar. The topic seems right up my alley, given the close links with the junior seminar paper I wrote last year, and the overlap with my thesis work.

Literature 104: On Theory. This counts for the last upper-level class I need for a secondary field in French… even though it’s conducted in English 🙂 Taught by Prof C, who has the distinction of being the professor I’ve taken the most number of classes from – four, including this one.

Econ 1010b: Macroeconomic Theory. Despite the abysmal CUE guide ratings this class has received in the past, I’m hopeful that the material will not be too difficult. Also, Prof G is teaching the course for the first time this year, and I already like her a lot from having taken her course on cultural economics last semester. Plus, this course would also help me qualify for a secondary field in economics, should I choose to receive that.

ESPP 99r: Thesis seminar. Blearrrghggh. At least this doesn’t actually have class meetings. Just one-on-one sessions with the ever-helpful Prof M.

And that’s the line-up for this year.

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    take care lots~!

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