March 12th, 2007 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Ok, so maybe I didn’t only work on my thesis during the last three days.  I may possibly perhaps potentially have seen a clip or two on YouTube.

Anyway, I know I’m very late to the tech game, but I really enjoyed the “wow” factor and high irony of watching this music video for Beyoncé’s Irreplaceable made with The Sims2.  Compare with the original music video for yourself and see if Beyoncé is herself replaceable by a computer animation 🙂

And the reason I saw the Sims2-created music video is because Beyoncé has recorded a Spanish version of Irreplaceable, further confirming her intention to broaden her fan base (ie make more money) and maybe win a Latin Grammy.  Remember of course the recently released remix track and video for Beyoncé’s collaboration with Shakira.

Why am I awake at 8.30am??  Bedtime.

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4 Responses to “Irreplaceable?”

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