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Friday, August 7th, 2009

Haven’t been blogging in a while, wish I had.  Also haven’t been to the gym much, definitely wish I had.

Just revisited Facebook properly for the first time in a while, and caught up on months of news from friends…  and realised how disconnected I feel from the life I once had, three years ago, two years ago, four months ago.  A lot has happened – happened to make me forget who I was, happened to change my plans, happened with my friends (new engagements, school acceptances, career moves).  I’ve watched some people become more of who they want to be (CG, BT and E, I’m thinking of you), other people start to want things they never wanted before (DT, that’s you), and some people settling for the best available option.

What do I want?  I want to reconnect.  I want the as-yet-unknown but keenly-sensed and likely-impending amazing development to drop into my lap, unfold rapidly and blossom fully (yes, that’s many mixed metaphors).  I want to want time to pass slowly again. 

It’s seems ungrateful and tragic to want time to go by faster.

At some point I should probably start airing my views on the nonsensical, illogical nature of the “market” and economic analysis.  V-shaped recovery in the offing?  Really?  Based on what fundamentals?  And why is this so totally different from the consensus view from two months ago?  I have an answer…