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Between Christmas and New Year’s…

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

…I’ll be in Bangkok, enjoying the pool, the gym, the spa, the tailor and the mall.

Just got back from my first massage of the trip, less than three hours after landing in the city ūüôā¬† I found myself searching several 7-11s for Yakult before I suddenly realised this hunt was based on an misfiled palimpsest memory from Shanghai rather than Bangkok.¬† So Betagen or Meiji it is then.

I should do a little shopping post.¬† As I was telling confessing to Terence, I tend to shop in spurts, a little like binge eating.¬† Given the relative dearth of new purchases in October and November (is that even factual?¬† Need to check), December was rather a new high (or low, depending on your point of view).¬† I’m not sure I even dare to number the bags I bought…

1 x Etro zip tote in structured wool (50%+5% off! And I had $60 in vouchers)
2x YSL oversized muse tote in dark brown and, er,¬†darker brown¬† (definitely don’t need two, one of these needs to go in the next¬†few months)
1x Chanel navy lambskin tote (vintage)
1x Bottega Veneta woven purse (I’m thinking this will work as a clutch)
1x Mulberry maxi-sized Roxanne in coated canvas (60%+10% off! Plus I had a $50 voucher)
1x Prada portfolio document holder in black saffiano leather

That’s not too bad, right…¬† seven?¬† And one’s a repeat that will be liquidated shortly so it doesn’t really count, so six for the moment.¬† I do have my eye on a few others though, and there were definitely a few that very painfully got away.¬† I have however also purged four older bags (Gucci x2, Chanel x1, Fendi x1), so it’s really only a¬†nett addition of two.¬† And two of the items are barely even bags (a clutch and a document holder) so…¬† ūüôā

Then there were the shoes.¬† I got black¬†lace-up ankle boots from Prada (50% off!) and another really fabulous pair from¬†Mr Hare (irresistible at 40% off and free international shipping from!).¬† Plus there was a random but pretty pair¬†from Zara in soft grey leather.¬†¬†In my defence, I’ve just gone through my shoe collection, and the only thing I really don’t need more of are brown suede ankle boots (or tan suede dessert boots, or khaki suede chukkas, you get the idea).

Can’t wait to go to the mall tomorrow.¬† Maybe after a quick run at the gym.


Edit: While in Bangkok I bought (via online channels)¬† another large Gucci travel bag and a pair of Burberry Prorsum shoes…¬† whoops.