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Here’s to a wonderful 2012 ahead!

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Am trying my best to look forwards, onwards and upwards,  but it hasn’t been quite as easy as it has been before.

2011 was rather a mixed bag. with more than a few disappointments and apparent mistakes, both small and quite large.

I just looked over the blog posts I wrote in 2010, to give a sense of comparison with 2011.  It helped me remember that it’s worth listing out the highlights of 2011:

January: Submitted R2 applications for b-sch; Still staffed on project “N”
March: Barcelona with Sam, which was overall a fantastic trip (also made a side trip to Bilbao); Bali trip for DT’s birthday
April: Staffed on project “H” in Jakarta, my first proper travel case; results from R2 apps come back (1-for-3)
May: Provence for the F+J wedding; side visits to London (Ming!) and Paris (Tzelin!)
June: Started on independent luxury fashion consulting project
July: Promoted; 2 weeks of National Service; and then NCT in Montreal; with side trips to NYC (stayed with Ryan!), SF and Hong Kong
August: Staffed on payments case for ~3 weeks; incorporated own company; Puff Puff passes away 🙁
September: Office retreat in Phuket; staffed on PE diligence for ~5 weeks, of which I spent 3 weeks in Sydney
October: Staffed on dairy case; submitted 1R application
November: 1 week in Shanghai/Hong Kong
December: Results (1-for-4); 4 days in Tokyo

I have faith that 2012 will be the best year yet.