IRON Cosplay!

Sitting in the Iron Cosplay session.  Teams are given a random ingredient to dress up as an anime character in 15 minutes. They are given a bunch of costuming elements.  (I’m too far away but I think they are actually like fabric remnants and such.)

Up in front there appears to be a man dressed as one of the Sailor Moon characters and a Full Metal Alchemist character. 

A wave just started in the front row and fan related music is playing while people are milling about watching the contestants.

My spouse has been on camera duty and has been taking pictures of the cosplayers and is running around the room trying to capture the action. 

The panelists are introducing themselves and the Sailor guy just ran around the room trying to get the one allowed “outside” prop from the audience. 

The dancing in the rows has begun.  World beware.

Intense panelist discussion on Japanese interpretations of Norwegian vampires of dubious morality.

WINNER!  Team B representing a Ghost in the Shell character wins it on inventive uses of plastic Easter eggs.

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