Post Lunch Observations

So far it’s been an interesting day of giant swords, bewildered passersby and watching people get glomped.  I guess I am too old for glomping.

My small family unit attended a talk on plushy creation and walked away with a couple of our own chibi figures for the kids.  We are mainly walking around taking pics for Flickr (I will post after the con) and finding kid appropriate things to do. 

The dealer room is fascinating and overwhelming.  Everything that I cherished in my youth action figures, models, anime that I loved is displayed for consumption for those that have the cash.  We made a couple of quick purchases but tomorrow the spousal unit and I will scour the room in more detail since we will be less kids which means we can spend more than 60 seconds at a booth without having a bored child.

There is a large mix of fans of the casual stuff (Narutu, Dragonball Z) some of the fun and mainstream (Evangelion) and tons of the more obscure.  Goth and Loli abound as well.  Something about the comfortability of these spaces makes the normally shy and reserved gregarious, and I love it.

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