Vendor Room

The vendor room was spectacular.  I avoided buying something, but thats probably a good thing.  If I start down the road of toy collection and model building again it will totally ruin my liquid income. 

One of the things that really surprises me is the prevalence of what I assume is bootlegged media.  Most of the titles that are subject to this description would not be available in the US anyway or in different versions, but it still surprises me that it is tolerated.

I am not easily fooled by bootleg DVDs but they got me last year.  I would have had to look at the package with a loupe to be able to determine that it was a fake.  These guys are getting good, and media creation technology is quickly catching up with what is commercially produced.

The fact here is that there is stuff available that is even difficult to get on the internet.  There is a market for this media the authors of the media are not fulfilling.  So where does the public turn to consume it?  Right now the only answer appears to be conventions like this.

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