No barcode for depository item


This is an item I’m processing for S&D, but does not have a barcode listed (TN: 3696026). What do we do in this case? Holdings said we should have the 1998 vol.

Hard copies vs. electronic


A patron has requested that we get a hard copy, even though an electronic copy is available at no cost from CRL. (I could not tell if CRL could send a hard copy.) The thesis is 400 pps long. This seems reasonable to me, but should we go ahead?

Question for Tom


PULEA always conditionals that we should enter their name twice. Is there any way that we can make their symbol blue with the superscript, so that the 2x entry will be automatic?

(This is not a large issue, I was just curious in case it would be easy.)

EThOS requests


Important note:  if a lender tells us that a thesis or dissertation is available on EThOS, all you need to do is cancel the request as being Available Online and direct the patron to download the item on EThOS.  Registration is required, but the service is free.


All clear with Stanford ILL!


In case you didn’t see the good news in the generic email account, we are now free to submit new borrowing requests to Stanford ILL once more.  The irony is that we should have been cleared months ago, as the holdup turned out to be over two invoices from last summer that we actually had already paid in the fall…

…cue me saying “Grr Argh!”

At any rate, please make sure that any patrons currently on hold with ILL requests for Stanford materials still want/need them before submitting a request.  Might as well generate as few new invoices as possible, right?

Unavailable in Local System queue


Just wanted to clarify that Unavailable in Local System is in fact a queue that trainers should be minding.  Right now it’s way up in the 300’s, so I’m not sure if people just forgot about it or whether there was some confusion as to whether you should be working out of it.  This queue is where unfilled S&D requests from items held at other libraries go, so although it doesn’t get as much volume as the generic Scan & Deliver Unfilled queue it will add up over time.  Thanks!

S&D through ILL?


Hi Tom,

Ever since you and Claire pointed out the need for us to check and make sure that any s&d requests coming through ILL have the s&d link next to them, I have noticed just how many of these (all that I have seen DO have the link) we get.  The last time I worked through the Awaiting Harvard Processing queue, there were over 30 requests in the queue, and easily more than half of them were s&d eligible, but coming through ILL.  I was just wondering if this is ok, or if it is a matter of educating patrons about how to use the s&d feature in HOLLIS, and if we should discuss a way of discouraging them from making such requests through ILL.  What are your thoughts?


Borrowing work form under Holdings All


When we submit borrowing article requests under Holdings – All (when trying to access foreign lenders under OCLC for example), the work form’s borrowing notes field does not include the “Odyssey only…/HLS” part. I suppose it gets omitted because we don’t do Custom Holdings – Copy.

Should I paste that line about Odyssey whenever I send an article request under Holdings – All?

Lending libraries going lowercase on OCLC


Something that just came up- if you see a regular OCLC supplier who has suddenly “gone lowercase,” check their entry in the Policies Directory to see why they’ve suspended ILL services and when they’ll resume taking requests.  You can do so by clicking on the Schedule tab for that library’s policy entry.

If this library is the only potential supplier for an item, you should HOLD the request in ILLiad until the time when OCLC service will resume.  Do not send an ALA form (unless the library explicitly says they will accept them during the closure period)!

Because it’s the end of the semester and a lot of ILL shops are going to be short-staffed or overwhelmed with other responsibilities, we’re likely to see many reliable OCLC suppliers go lowercase over the next few weeks- we will do so as well for Commencement and the day after.  Most of these closures should only be for 1-2 weeks, but if you see any that are longer a note to the patron might be in order.

Meeting Notes 4/29/2011


Refresher Trainings in NMRR

  • What do we do with large number of items to be shelved under the same letter? Movable shelves? Movable letters? Jason will look into solutions
  • making sure students know where to put items, especially if they are being returned (change location of ILL return shelf?)

Information Booklets and Guidelines

  • Transitioning items to online/on computer format
  • Should students leave a browser open?
  • Make sure a shortcut is visible on desktop
  • More details to add to reference guides: location of fiche, ID check, negative setting on machines, pre-scan, plugs, etc.  (Katie will handle)
  • possible script to run through when training? (dealing with patrons, checking ID, machine troubleshooting, etc)
  • Reminder about rules for the RRs when we train on lending?  (The first day tour is a lot of information to soak up.)

Possible Reserve Shelf & Adjusting the NMRR Layout

  • Not many patrons would need it or would need the same item, so low probability of people not finding things
  • Patrons usually ask when things aren’t where they should be (Jason will look into putting up signs to remind patrons to ask the student workers)
  • possible confusion for students and re-shelvers?
  • Where would this hold shelf be?
  • What should the desk drawer be used for–holds or HD?

Students and Powerpoints

  • too much initial infodump without enough followup?
  • Making sure they read through rules and email Jason
  • Jason will get tabs for new RR rulebooks, trainers will update

There will be a meeting next Friday, but probably not the Friday after.

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