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About Jeffrey C. Ulatan

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my Harvard Law School Blog. Here’s a quick summary of myself so you can get to know me! I’m 28 Years Old, currently enrolled at Harvard University. I’m working on my M.B.A. at Harvard Business School and getting my professional certifications at Harvard Law School.

I’m currently the President CEO of my Family-Office UGI Capital Investments in New York, I’m also a partner investment officer at Bridgewater and an advisory board member at PAAMCO.

I was born in Manila, Philippines in 1991, and moved to Guam in 1993. When I was 17 I joined the U.S. Army as an Infantrymen (11B 173Rd 2-503rd C. Co), and at 21 I had left the U.S. Army, it was then I decided to start my entrepreneurial career. My first business was Delta International Defense, Corp. and I designed and manufactured firearms as a licensed ATF Federal Firearms Licensee. At 24 I had sold the business to a partner, and started my career in Corporate Finance.

I started my Family Holdings Office in 2014 and merged my family’s Asia-Pacific assets. As years went by I created connections with many well-known Fund Managers, and joined their ventures. I’ve been constantly mentored by my industry peers while I operated my family office as a private hedge-fund (exempted under the Dodd-Frank act), and learning and adopting strategies as I go. In 2019 I inherited VSP Group, and merged both holdings into an international holdings corporation. With my enrollment at Harvard, I hope to build stronger connections with fellow peers in the industry.

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