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It’s so much easier to make war than to make peace.  War only requires finding the soft underbelly of the other, and attacking with the force to do violence.  Often a single act, well placed, does fatal damage.  Peace, on the other hand, is ecological–it is created not out of one move, but through the joining of many moves, in an exquisite dance of increasingly intimate exchanges.  Peace requires attention to sequence–some moves are necessary before others can be embraced.

The notion of peace being “achieved” is a misapprehension.  War–or rather success in war–can be achieved because its end is the destruction of something dynamic.  War renders static what was previously alive. By contrast, peacemaking brings tender life to what was previously barren. Peace is not achieved.  Peace is nurtured, cared for, and lived in joy. Peace is alive.

April 22nd, 2003


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