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Choice as a political touchstone


We really do choose our own realities much more than we give ourselves credit for. This is the teaching of meditation, of therapy, of education, of innovation in business.  In most situations, there is more choice than we appreciate or embrace.  But of course it is difficult to remember this: we choose our friends, our passions, how we exercise our bodies—and how we exercise our minds.  And as we become more aware, we choose our responses to situations—sometimes in the moment, but more often in how we prepare for a particularly critical moment.


I am choosing to look for some new political axes that are not left and right.  In my previous blog I explored “respect.”  Here is another candidate: choice.  Some of us are more aware than others that (1) we have more opportunities for choice than we tend to realize in any given moment, and (2) there are ways we can choose to develop our capacity to make the most of our opportunities for choice. And (3) a vibrant society helps people be aware of and take ownership of their own choices.


I have friends on both the left and the right who embrace choice, who acknowledge that they are largely responsible for their own happiness or lack of same.  And I have friends who seem to see the world as a dense tangle of constraints—and seem to experience almost no choice.


I’d like to experience a political movement that finds a way to bring together “strong choosers.”  I think this could be pretty interesting!   

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