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Musing on BloggerCon


Thinking about BloggerCon..Here is why it matters (at least to me): The world has a lot of interesting people, and it has a lot of interesting (and somtimes bedeveling) problems, and a lot of opportunities for creativity. It is fun to get together with other people, it is fun to be creative–and it can be really fun to do both. Blogs can be a way to mobilize creativity–individually and in groups and networks. BloggerCon is not about blogging, it is about the world. My hope for BloggerCon is that it is a loose gathering of people who are interested in the world–and in contributing creatively to it–and who have been finding blogging and other new forms of communications and social relations inspiring and helpful in that quest. I expect we will get together for a few days, here in Cambridge, in both meat space and cyberspace for a rough and ready roundup addressing our shared passions and interests. Topics such as digital democracy, politics, consciousness, social and personal change are central to the mix for a reason: change is the order of the day, and the deepest topic of the conference.

Rosa Mendoza’s Spanish translation of The Second Superpower Rears its Beatiful Head


Rosa Mendoza, a Peruvian activist, has completed a fine Spanish translation “La segunda superpotencia levanta su bella cabeza” of “The Second Superpower Rears Its Beautiful Head.”

Thank you thank you thank you Rosa!! Rosa’s translation is available free and with a Creative Commons license at…

Rosa Mendoza is based at the Escuela para el Desarrollo (School for Development) where she is on the college faculty in Gender, Development and Organizational Management.

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