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April Carter, The Political Theory of Global Citizenship


Sociologist Amitai Etzioni  recommends

“I was delighted to find in a great
new book by April Carter, The Political Theory of Global Citizenship, a
chapter dealing with people embracing global responsibilities (ch. 4)
as transnational citizens, aside from a good discussion of our global
human rights (ch. 5). Rights AND Responsibilities is the new
communitarian core theme. At first I was a bit concerned, as the
chapter about our responsibilities to one another (across borders)
deals with the promotion of rights, especially by Amnesty
International. But then things get much better as we learn about
transnational action for aid and development, for the environment, and
as consumers.”

I note that the book is available from e-books, but for the very high price of $127.45
Hey April, any way we can get some copies or excerpts at a little more reasonable price? 

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