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Creativity in Cambridge: the Thursday night club rocks


Dave Winer shows
why I am a fan of his (at least one of the reasons): he is radical,
brilliant, and he gets stuff done.  And he brings others into the
game and helps all of us win.  (this attitude is more rare than it
should be, obviously)  Check out this post, which is essentially
(1) competitive analysis on the Democratic campaign weblog organizing
sphere, (2) stiring up the competitition further, (3) demonstrating the
sorts of simple but revolutionary ideas that are now available on top
of the
and (4) conveying a sense of the skunk works of creativity that is
blossoming around town these days, catalyzed by Andrew and others who
have taking on more and more creative initiative within the extended
Thursday night club..

Special note to Steve Smith, David Kirkpatrick, and Matt and Nicco and
Kelly and Larry and Joe: check this stuff out and reflect on it–this is the raw,
straight poop, and you will soon feel the potential of it all..

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