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“Big Blogger” and the World Summit on the Information Society

Dave has been talking for some
time about news coverage based on directed swarms of bloggers. 
Dave is energetically creating tools to help make the nector from such bees
available in various formats and meta-formats…(I was in attendance
last night at the Berkman Center for the unveiling of a particularly
rich set of Dave’s new ideas instantiated in software..)

And there is some controversy about whether the World Summit on the
Information Society will be important..despite the fact that it is
bringing together heads of state from more than 50 nations, as well as
hundreds of deligations of experts on areas such as bridging the global

is an interesting way to approach both opportunities.   My
guess is that the bloggers will turn up lots of very interesting
interviews and insights, and will route around the official agenda in
search of both deeper truth and more entertaining irony..

Of course I’m not sure “Big Blogger” is the best name for this–on the
other hand, perhaps it bespeaks a certain British irony, itself…

The following reference is from NetPulse, the email newsletter of Politics Online, which I find continually helpful,

Forget Big Brother, meet “Big Blogger”, an ambitious British Council
initiative in which an unlikely combination of western and Middle
Eastern journalists will join forces to report from the ground at the
first World Summit on the Information Society. The journalists – most
of them twentysomething and with no previous experience of web-logging
– will be responsible for a single news site,,
providing instant news and comment from the three-day event in Geneva
in December.

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November 21st, 2003


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