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Small town and rural bloggers in Iowa


Thanks so much for your help!  Keep sending in referrals to
bloggers in cities such as Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, and the college towns of Ames,
Iowa City, Cedar Falls and Grinnell.

I would also like to put out a special call to anyone who might know bloggers in smaller towns or on farms..

By the way, my direct email address is  jmoore at or you can click on my name below any post…

Warm regards,  Jim

Meta tools for learning from “Voice of Iowa” blog ecosystems in Iowa


Britt Blaser just sent me a copy of an email about a meta tools project
he is involved in–I don’t think I can reveal what it is, but I do want
to say a public thanks to Britt (and his amazing underground
connections). By the way, Britt’s blog
is one of the most interesting and thoughtful on politics and the
web.  Britt is also embedded in the Dean campaign, as am I.

On the subject of Meta tools, Dave Winer presented his new approach to meta-data and self-enabling of meta-organization at the last Thursday Night Club meeting…after Thanksgiving I hope to have these tools to play with..

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