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Dean v. Bush–we can’t wait for the bell to sound on round one…

My friend Omar is joining us for Thanksgiving.  A fun,
serveral-hours-long political conversation has been wafting across the
Turkey pan and various fixings.  One of the most fun comments of

“Don’t miss the first debate between Dean and Bush.  I would give
any amount of money to see that!!”  We were both laughing
hysterically as we envisioned Dean as a boxer, pressing Bush into a
corner and taking him down.

So folks, don’t worry too much about the primaries.  Just envision the Big Event!!

Maybe they can stage the event in Las Vegas..

November 27th, 2003



Lots of musings this afternoon–Thanksgiving, community, the
surprising sweetness of most of the Iowa blogs.  Dinner today here
in the woods west of Boston is going to be cooked by my nine-year-old
son, with me as the sous chef.

November 27th, 2003

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