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Why BloggerStorm matters

With the launch today of BloggerStorm… to cover the Iowa
presidential selection process and caucuses,  Dean for America is
the first campaign to embrace blogs as a way for
citizens to report “on-the-ground” frontline reality to the campaign’s
vast audience. 

BloggerStorm’s network of contributors consists
of individual citizens, not professional reporters. 
The feeds that the contributors make go directly to the website, without editing. 
This network of real people with real eyes and ears on the
ground, linked to the website of a major candidate with very high
traffic levels on the web, plus instantaneous feeds from the field, is
a new development in citizen journalism and open democratic
campaigning.  Thanks go to Matt Gross, Joe Rospars, Rick Klau and Alden Hines.

The BloggerStorm
site is just starting up.  BloggerStorm is an experiment.  There will
be scoops and really great reporting.  There will also chaff among
the wheat.  You know what is great? You truly get to decide. 
This is reality campaign coverage.  We provide, you decide.
Overall, there will be a
raw, immediate feel that you will not get from “the letters” (ABC, NBC,

Part of the story will be the effect of participation and
excitement on the bloggers themselves.  They willl form a national
news team.  I expect that the effect of being watched will itself
motivate the participating bloggers to rise to great heights of
dedication and insight.  So watch the BloggerStorm community develop over the
next hours. 

The Iowa Caucuses start on Monday evening after dinner–72 hours from
your evening meal tonight.  The caucus race is very tight–a four
person race.  Many are calling it a horserace.  Think
Kentucky Derby.  Four great horses, four approaches to how to win
the hearts and minds of voters.  Four campaigns to interest people
in politics and help them come together to take their country
back.  Not yet the triple crown–but important on the
way to winning the triple crown.

January 16th, 2004

Michael Whouly

In Boston political events–and  four years ago at Gore campaign
supporter events and phone calls–Michael Whouly was often introduced
as “that great American patriot Michael Whouly” followed by
cheers.  He organized field and get-out-the-vote operations for
the campaign–and was the shining success story in an otherwise poor
campaign.  Now he may be doing this in Iowa for Kerry, according
to this story in TNR, courtesy of the DailyKos, picked up on

Ahh, the importance of campaign field organizations.  Television
is not the only element of winning an election.  TV pundits and
“Hardball” don’t determine who an individual voter comes to know and
trust.  Some other things matter, like well-led field operations,
grassroots organizations and ecosystems, plus tight working alliances
with local leaders.  Within it all, each day I’m understanding to
new depth the extent that campaigns require a relentless focus on time
and discipline.  In business, we talk about it as “time-based
competition.”  Not sure of the equivalent term in political
organizations–but it is soo key.

To win against Bush in the fall, the combined Democratic family will need this organizational capability.

January 16th, 2004

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