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Carol Moseley Braun was just here in the HQ in Manchester

Carol Moseley Braun was just here visiting us in the Dean HQ in Manchester!  We gave her a farmworkers’ clap of welcome when she arrived, and then again as she left.  Yeeaaaagh!

January 24th, 2004

“Surprise Weekend” 50,000 copies of Judy Dean & Howard Dean tape to be given out in NH

From Dean for America in Manchester New Hampshire two minutes ago:

MEDIA ADVISORY                     CONTACT
January 24, 2004                   NH Press Office, 603/222-1900


MANCHESTER – The final weekend before the New Hampshire Primary is known
for surprises. Here is what we know for sure:

– 50,000 copies of the ABC Prime Time Thursday interview with Governor
  Dean and Dr. Judy Steinberg Dean will be distributed this weekend.

– 2,000 New Hampshire Dean supporters will hand deliver 40,000 packages
  with information to 40,000 doors this weekend.

– Dean volunteers in Manchester will now be exclusively organized from
  the brand new Volunteer Operations Center at 1111 Elm Street. Dean
  volunteers will continue to be the best organized in the Granite
  State because they remember why they started working for a little
  known Governor from a small state with no money and the odds stacked
  against him: He brought hope. And still does.

– New Hampshire Dean supporters have held 2,309 house meetings bringing
  voters together to talk about the values they share and what brings
  them to support Howard Dean.

– Howard Dean is the candidate with a record of results. He has ignited
  the grassroots and made people believe again, or for the first time,
  in the politics of the possible. Howard Dean is the candidate that
  revolutionized politics and fundraising and continues to set the tone
  and the pace of this race.

January 24th, 2004

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