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A heroes’ farewell: Joe Trippi, January 28, 2004, Rira, Burlington, Vermont

Rira is the best Irish bar in Burlington.  For all I know, it may
be the only Irish bar in Burlington.  Earlier in the day word had
gone around that Joe would meet us at Rira at 10:00 PM.  He showed
at 10:30, apologized for being late, and started thanking people.

The night crowd stayed for hours.

The day had been
difficult–filled with sadness, tension, and the struggle to stay
creative as the world rocked around us. 

At Rira we took off our masks and costumes,
and hung out.  
To me, it felt a bit like a
cast party after a very long play. 

I happened  to have my tough little Cannon Elph in the pocket of
my jeans.  I took most of these pictures, but John Pettitt, our
friend and staff photographer, borrowed my camera to take this
classic shot of Paul, Matt, Joe, and Zephyr.

January 29th, 2004


CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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