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Personal Television Networks


This afternoon Dave Winer and I were talking and he told me about his
coinage of the term “Personal  Television Networks”–PTNs. 
What are they?  Think: what the personal computer was to the
mainframe computer, personal television networks are to the current
behemoth networks. 

To find out more, come to BloggerCon II on Saturday.  Adam Curry, Andrew Grumet, and Dave will be introducing their ideas..

Think: the collective effect of TIVO and hacking the TIVO, ReplayTV and hacking the ReplayTV, Digeo (thanks Armando!), BitTorrent, Movielink
, RSS enclosures with lots of creative uses, RealNetwork’s current rebirth as a media
company and the struggle over streaming of Major League Baseball games: we can do it ourselves!

Think: of the increasing pressure by Comcast and others on television
production companies and cable channels to produce modular,
repackageable content rather than time-based channel-dependent programming.

This all ads up to a really big trend that I and others (Steve Smith) have been excited about for some time–and now, thanks  to Dave and Adam and
Andrew, it has a name and probably a more integrated concept.

Steve Jobs, years ago, called personal computers “bicycles for the
mind” because personal computers give the mind a boost analogous to the
boost that bicycles give legs..

I’m  not sure what the right comparison is for PTNs…

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