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An inflexion point for the RSS ecosystem

Dave Winer yesterday announced on his blog that Frontier will be open sourced in the coming months.  Frontier is the technology layer that sits under Manilla blogging software. 

I trust the open sourcing will be
done right, legally, given that Dave has invested a year as an embedded
blogger in the HLS/Berkman Center and Stanford Center for Internet
& Society worlds..And the RSS standard–which is the communications
standard on which Frontier operates, has already been transfered to the
Berkman Center.

According to those who know better than me about this layer, such as Andrew Grumet, Frontier has a number of unique capabilities that are helpful to building next generation RSS application software. 

Open sourcing Frontier makes it likely that these capabilities will be
improved and sustained, making Frontier a better and better platform.

This in turn means more competition for other core platform
technologies that are used today to support blogging software and other
RSS applications–and thus stimulating further innovation among competing vendors and developer communities.  This is a
good thing for the RSS ecosystem, because arguably innovation in the
core techology layer has been lagging for some time–even while the
community of bloggers and RSS users has reached critical mass.

As new core capabilities become available in RSS applications such as
Manila, Moveable Type and Scoop, the environment becomes more
hospitable to people like me who are mainly involved in services and
interactive media experiences and the resulting communities.  And
as the habitat becomes richer, more species flourish.

BTW, I use RSS ecosystem in the more general sense of a business
ecosystem dedicated to the overall vision of Really Simple Syndication
and all that this makes possible.  Just as XML came to symbolize
an approach and an industry as well as a protocol, and VoIP has come to
mean a community of suppliers and users that are disruptive to
traditional telcos–and not simply the capability to run voice over the
Internert–so RSS has come to refer implicitly to the overall community
in which we participate.

May 18th, 2004

From the countryside west of Boston..

What a day!  Lilac season is the peak of the natural year in New
England.    All these plants are blooming together, today!

White lilacs

Sugar Maple and Copper Beech

Small blue friend at the foot of the Sugar Maple

Yard by the porch

Bleeding hearts

Apple blossoms

All photos by me and Canon Elph, May 17, 2004, mid-morning

May 18th, 2004


CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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