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Sudan and Ebola–a new form of Ebola reported today

I recently wrote about the interaction between war and disease
evolution, and pointed to a shocking and almost unbelievable op-ed by Laurie Garrett on the Sudanese crisis as viewed in these terms:

Los Angeles Times; May 10, 2004; pg. B.11
Commentary; The Microbes of Mayhem
Diseases festering in Sudan’s ethnic conflict imperil us all
by Laurie Garrett

Now this word out of Sudan today about a new form of Ebola that has emerged in the war-torn, genocidal nation:

  May 21st, 2004

Why your action on Sudan matters today.

This is from Daniel O’s post on today:

When the monsoon begins across Darfur, much of the region will become
inaccessible to aid workers, and any refugees caught in transit will be
in serious trouble. Reliefweb has
several maps
showing when rain is expected to make sites inaccessible. Some refugee
camps will be affected within two weeks, and by the end of June most
will be at least partially isolated. That means aid agencies have only
a few weeks to move in enough supplies to last until August, and they
rushing to do so.

Just yesterday the government agreed to allow free entry of the
aid organizations.  However, Sudan government or international
peacekeeping action is still needed to stop the death squad raids on
refugee camps, as well as continuing destruction of villages.

I think the best thing that many of us can do is to talk about Sudan on
our blogs–and to link to sites with comprehensive information and
perspective, such as and Doctors Without
Borders and Human Rights Watch.

And if you are a straight journalist, or you know a straight journalist, try to interest her or him in the story today.

thanks so much, Jim

May 21st, 2004

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