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Clip from OutFOXed, from Larry Lessig’s site


Activists supported by blogs and RSS aggregators and Technorati and Feedster desperately focus on genocide in Darfur and Sudan



From Passion of the Present  Thanks to bloggers and web site authors who have become activists
providing focus on stopping the Sudan genocide. Collectively the
activist community appears to be becoming a stronger, more diverse,
more collectively insightful, and hopefully more effective ecosystem
with the purpose of stopping the Sudan genocide. Anecdotally we find
ourselves more and more informed by other blogs. Community is essential.


One index of ecosystem ecosystem richness and density of interconnections is the Technorati “link cosmos” for this site. An index of blog species numbers, and a way to find new people to link to, is provided by a Technorati searches of the terms “Sudan” and “Darfur.”


Perhaps the broadest index of interest and “ecosystem metabolic activity level” is the Feedster search for Sudan,
though it mixes both blogs and webnews sites, and thus is a less pure
measure of blog interest alone. But if we assume that webnews sites are
relatively flat in their interest in Sudan, with the exception of
GoogleNews (more in the next paragraph on this), then Feedster shows a
strong growth in interest in Sudan among bloggers: Feester May 27, 2004, with “new crawler” = 12926 RSS mentions versus Feedster today July 13, 2004 = 22123 RSS mentions.


Ethan Zuckerman at the Berkman Center is tracking (and reports, here)
webnews interest (a complement to blog interest) focused on Sudan and
Iraq, which shows that interest in Iraq is stable–albeit at a
screaming level–and that interest in Sudan has been growing gradually
but significantly, especially on GoogleNews (click here to see a terrific graphic produced by Michael Adler based on Ethan’s data).
While I can’t demonstrate causality, my hypothesis would be that the
growth in blog interest in Sudan helps feed growth in GoogleNews
interest, because GoogleNews is driven in part by user interest.

The benefit of linking to each other

The ethos of reciprocal linking feeds the “stop Sudan genocide”
activist ecosystem. It provides for quick, third-party, peer-to-peer
hooking up to share data, perspective, analysis, outrage and hope.
Thank you to so many of you for linking to us. We try to link back to
you as much as we can. I am now engaged in the daunting task of putting
up a blogroll here at that links to each of you, so that we can more easily find each other and resonate with each other’s contributions.

Btw it would be wonderful if Technorati or Feedster sold a service that would convert their data to blogrolls.

Why we are doing this

The United States Holocaust Museum has made available some very
important images called “Staring genocide in the face,” made by Don
Fowler when he was in Chad on the Darfur border. Here is a link to the entire set, and here is a piece of evidence that is particularly poignant:

(Caption and photo courtesy of the Holocaust Museum)

List of massacres, compiled by refugees in Touloum
refugee camp, Chad. The refugees are desperate to have their stories
told – they want the world to know where, when, what and who.

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