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Please help, SOS for next Wednesday August 25


From 20 minutes ago:

Please go to this page at Save Dafur now and place a “want ad” for your personal action, gathering, or event. You will then be part of the Day of Concience, Wednesday August 25, 2004.

You have the power to make a difference next Wednesday. Your
participation is really needed. Frankly, most of the large
organizations that have signed onto the coalition have been slow to
actually deliver events. We need to touch the field directly ourselves.
We really need to make this successful, by having at least some sorts
of action in every state and in many many towns and cities.

These events do not have to be grand–they only need to be real, and to reach a out to others.

Wear a green ribbon and commit to talking to three
acquaintances about Sudan. That is an event, and if we all did that we
would magnify our total impact by three times.

Call your church, synagogue, mosque–or club.

Maybe there is a room you might borrow for an hour on Wednesday night.
Hold a small discussion, starting by sharing your personal stories of
how you happen to have come to this gathering, on this night, in this
place. Then perhaps sit briefly in prayer or silent meditation. This is
enough. This is sufficient. If we all did this, the world would move.

If you are gifted as an organizer, consider putting together a
last-minute public event. There is still time. We will have
downloadable materials which will provide “content”–and again, perhaps
the most powerful thing you can do is share your story of how you
happened to put on this event, and then invite and listen to the
stories of the others who have come. Creativity will rise up.

In saying the above I don’t at all want to turn you away from the
larger actions–from writing to the President and to members of
Congress and to other world leaders, from contacting the press, radio
and television and asking for more coverage for Sudan. I don’t want to
turn you away from asking you religious and civic leaders to speak out
both nationally and locally. What I want to emphasize is that you do have the power. You action, no matter how “small” you feel it is, is vitally needed.

Your help is needed next wednesday, August 25, 2004, for about an
hour. Perhaps more if you get into it. If we all do our thing–if we
all play our part, together we will make a very great difference.

I don’t need to make the overall case with any of you, so I have put
this final thought at the end of this post, not at the beginning: We
really need to make our voices heard about Darfur and Sudan now. There
is declining effectiveness in addressing the humanitarian need–not to
mention in stopping the continuing bombing and raiding campaigns that
have caused this need. There are political actors that are blocking the
real story getting out, and aid getting in. This vast tragedy is
deepening as social collapse put in train months ago–mass starvation,
disease, emotional terror–takes its deadly toll across more than a
million children, women and men (Eric Reeves says more than 2 million).

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