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An ecology of activism: web sites devoted to stopping the genocide in Darfur Sudan.

It can be instructive to look at the ecology of websights devoted
to one particular problem. The movement to stop the Genocide in Sudan
provides several active sites that work closely together in
complementary ways.

1. Sudan: The Passion of the Present is a site whose purpose is to
use open source methods, an information community and the daily
responsiveness of blog campaigning to inform and stimulate the
movement. This site is by design edgy and personal, with several
editors who work from the US and the UK, and post 24/7.

2. The Save Darfur Coalition is a broad coalition of major religious
and humanitarian organizations. It’s site is closely associated with
Sudan: The Passion of the Present serves a different function and has a
contrasting design. Save Darfur’s site is the online educational center
of a coalition and speaks with a more measured and consciously
authoritative voice.

3. Fight or Die is an example of a grassroots organizing site that anchors daily direct action in the streets of New York.

4. My Sister’s Keeper is a grassroots organization that advocates in
the Boston area for the people of Sudan, as well as sponsors
face-to-face spiritual, pschological, and development work in a region
of Southern Sudan.

5.  iAbolish brings attention to slavery in Sudan, assists
refugees and especially former slaves, and acts as a coordinator for
the American Anti-Slavery Movement.

 ” title=”
” target=”_blank”> and the Sudan
Tribune, to the very anti-US Islam Online.

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10. Sometimes you can create a powerful site simply by executing a
search on a commercial e-commerce site. Here, also from Passion, is a disturbing sub-site
created by a search for Sudan genocide humor on the political cartoon
e-commerce site Artizans:


November 10th, 2004

The second superpower mobilizes inside multinational companies!!

Hi Jim,
You may be interested in my group’s efforts as it relates to building
the strength of the second superpower.  We are using US labor laws
to gain access to our corporate intranet.  There’s a good
non-biased article about us here:….
Multinational corporations are a superpower of their own, but the
people within them enable all of their actions.  I work with
global teams (Scotland, US, Japan, India, and China) to develop new
products and launch them into production in Malaysia.  I do not
harbor any bad will to the Malaysians, but their sub-standard quality
of life is lowering the advanced nations’ quality of life.  I
believe that employee associations can stop the exploitation of workers
in developing nations, and improve everyone’s quality of life. 
Without the willingness of people like myself to continue to develop
and create products for multinational corporation, they cannot continue
this pattern
Best regards,
John Rose

November 10th, 2004

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