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Destructuring the oceans and destroying fisheries–how coral reefs and other complex ecosystems are being replaced by slime: Jellyfish and bacteria.

News item: Bush administration orders review of studies showing decline of fisheries, to “see if there is anything to it.”

Photo from presentation last night at the Harvard Museum of
Comparative Zoology by Professor Jeremy Jackson of the Scripps
Institution of Oceanography and the Smithsonian Tropical Research
Institute.  The other main presenter was noted
ecologish E.O. Wilson, immediately at left,  with discussion by
several other members of the Harvard biology faculty (Harvard Provost Steven Hyman,
Peter Ashton, Noel Michele “Missy” Holbrook, James Hanken, Paul
Moorcroft).  Disturbing
presentation, to say the least.

As Steven Hyman said, “Got any good recipes for jellyfish and e coli?”

November 13th, 2004


CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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