Aggregator Artistry? Can there be such a thing?

March 9th, 2005

Some of us have begun to believe that there can be artisty in the programming of aggregators.

This is especially true if the aggregator allows filtering of feeds to
focus down  on a particular topic.  And it the
aggregator  allows  tagging  or categorizing feeds in an
ad hoc manner. 

And if the aggregator  lets you publish your aggregator display and make it  available to the public.

John Palfrey, Nick Caramello and I decided a while back to create an
aggregator with these features, and make it free to users (ad
supported) and  totally web based.  The aggregator is
available free in very rough beta.  Perhaps we should call it a
“true beta.”

Our explorations in “aggregator artistry” are very preliminary, but some of
the early experiments have been fun and informative even as they are quite

Here are four samples you may find intriguing: is a kind of melange of world
news–including entertainment, sports, as well as politics and so on.
And it keeps up with Dave Winer on podcasting, by filtering his
scripting news feed to look for pod articles. is the creation of Berkman director John  Palfrey.  Right, left, you have it. has  just been  begun, but it
already has something  really fun.  We filtered a 
number of sports feeds for “Spring training” and then assigned the
results to the Spring Training category.  See the results at Who ever knew those sports writers could
be so bright and hopeful!

Finally, has a nice little feed from Daily Variety. Juicy.

These aggregators are just the beginning, we think, of a fun new
activity: Creating and sharing public aggregator-driven experiences.

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