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Just started my new blog with OPML, here is a mini review


So, here is what I love about Dave’s OPML editor:  the app is really  nice–clean, simple, powerful.  Everything I want–writing, saving, RSS and viewing in a tight little working window.  And of course, an outliner. I’ve been a dedicated outliner since the days of Thinktank and More, so I love this way  of working.

I started my blog,

and wrote a post, and even  put in a image, and—hmmmm–the blog is up but I see no text or image when I view.

Ok, now the text is up.  I will put in an image later.  I wonder what the brief delay was?

Dave Winer OPML editor is available today


Dave Winer’s new OPML editor (that does not use a browser) is available now, today!

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