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Top Ten Sources executive team on TechCrunch


Mike Arrington of TechCrunch has a nice piece on Top Ten Sources tonight!  Thanks!

You heard it first on the blogs, Halley Suitt has just been announced as the CEO of Top Ten Sources, Wendy Koslow is Editor-in-Chief, and Indigo Tabor is Technical-Editor-in-Chief


Halley Suitt

photo by Allison Shirreffs

Halley Suitt is well known to the blogging community as the
rock-and-roll, smart, courageous, kickass, fun person to punk up a
party with!  Well, get ready to party, America!  Get ready to
rock, World!

Get up close and personal with Halley on this video conversation with Halley, filmed at the Blogher conference.

>Wendy Koslow

Wendy Koslow is a writer who is an integral part of the worldwide blogging community, within which she was married to Accordion Guy Joey deVilla
in what may be the first truly blogosphere wedding.   Here is an
excerpt from a post by the Velveteen Rabbi, who officiated::

I like all weddings, but last night’s stands out, both because it posed such
fascinating challenges, and because it was so darn much fun.
Last night I married Wendy Koslow (of now-defunct blog
The Redhead Wore Crimson)

Joey “Accordion Guy”
. Their story reads like a fairytale. They were
introduced by

Reverend AKMA
at the first

a few years back. Despite the
distance between Toronto and Boston (and between their two
families and backgrounds — Wendy is Jewish and American, Joey
a Catholic Filipino-Canadian) they fell in love. I was thrilled and
honored when they asked me to officiate for them, though I knew this
ceremony would stretch my skills; it’s not like I have a vast
repertoire of Jewish/Filipino wedding liturgies to draw on!

>Indigo Tabor

Indigo Tabor, I must disclose, has been one of my closest
and most loyal friends for many many years.  She generally prefers
to be what I might call “a private figure,” who helps others who are
public figures–with technology, with
love, and with immense energy, creativity and wit.  Science and
technology, public policy, inventing (including a pretty deep knowledge
of extrusion molding), media.  Her passion is > user-generated
and her favorite show is >Geek Entertainment TV. Thanks to Sony for offering new technology to the hands uplifted above the blogosphere swarm!  Mana
from heaven, images want to be free!>

Ok, so there will be a more corporate press release at some point…But
who needs it? I am an angel investor in TTS and its parent, and I was
given the pleasure of letting you in on the news.   Now you
know!  Best, Jim

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