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OPML Chapter Sixteen: Open Politics Make Leaders. Please join me in a little experiment

Al Gore for President public bookmark list

I just set up a page at IntelligentTeams that uses a new OPML bookmarklet system that Charlie Wood, Mary Melthaus and I have been playing with. If you are interested in Al Gore for President, or in OPML, or in social networking and presidential politics:

You can help out by visiting the page and doing any of the following:

1. Digg the page to bring attention to Al and attention to the use of social bookmarking to create networks of supporters for Al (and others, if you like).

2. Comment on the page.

3. Drag-and-drop (Firefox) the bookmarklet into your browser, and help us find good content on Al from around the web. Bookmark stuff on Al and his/our issues. I found a terrific Neil Young rock video based on the Gore movie…ok, I’m betraying my age as well as my politics, but I love Neil Young!

4. Use the “Invite friends” to send two or three emails about the page.

5. (Advanced) Use the “Edit folio” to do some clustering of the items, etc. Use the “Clone folio” to make a copy of the folio and “fork the folio” to make a new Al Gore folio of your own flavor.. Use ‘New folio” to start a new thread…

OK, I am not without an interest here. I need your help. I want to help Al, and I don’t know how.

I would love to help ginn up encouragement for Al, and help make connections among Al supporters in order not to fall behind the other candidates’ grassroots activities. Contact me on the “email to Opie” on the web site. Thanks so much for your help. Al needs us. We need Al. Let’s try to find each other sooner rather than later.

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